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Target Your Buyers?

Our name says a lot about what we do.   We find new people and new businesses who:

1.)   need to buy what you are already selling, or
2.)   want to buy what you are good at making or doing.

Just think about what your life would be like if your salespeople could spend their entire day talking to new, prospective customers who wanted to buy what you are already selling to your existing customers.   You probably have the ability to double or triple the revenues of your business and incur only a small increase in overhead.

Each client relationship is unique and highly targeted to our client’s needs.   This website is simple to indicate that we don’t try to fit a predefined solution to your problem.   We:

1.)   listen until you agree that we understand your problem,
2.)   then formulate a potential solution, and
3.)   then agree with you on a plan before any work is started (or invoiced).

TargetYourBuyers.com, Inc’s management offers our clients 40 years of sales, marketing, and computer programing experience in a wide variety of industries.

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Daniel Joseph Schweihs